How to Start and Thrive in Your Own Cash-Based Medical Practice

Want to start your own cash-based medical practice and become your own boss? As a primary care physician entrepreneur, I've been running my own successful cash-based practices for over 10 years.

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On the Training, You'll Discover:

In this free video training, I'll be sharing all my key learnings and insider tips for starting and scaling a thriving, insurance-free medical practice.

  • The legal, financial, and operational considerations I wish I knew starting.
  • How I developed my suite of services and payment models.
  • Marketing tactics that rapidly grew my patient base.
  • Optimizing workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Leveraging technology to enhance patient experience.
  • Safeguarding profit margins as your practice scales.

I started just like you - wanting freedom in my career to practice medicine on my terms. Now I help other physicians build the thriving cash-based practices of their dreams.

Mike Woo-Ming MD

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"Say Goodbye to Insurance and Say HELLO to Cash! This is material I wish I knew before starting my medical practice. This is GOLD!" - -JW, MD

Your Host:

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming is a physician entrepreneur, investor, and business strategist, responsible for the development and success of several multi-million dollar businesses, including co-founding and later selling two software companies.

He is the CEO of Executive Medical, a multi-location cash-based medical practice, specializing in age management, weight loss, and aesthetics in Southern California.

The author of “The Positioned Physician: Earn More, Work Smart, and Love Medicine Again” and founder of the BootstrapMD consulting firm.

Learn the secrets of starting your own profitable cash-based medical practice!

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